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May 16, 2016


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Bd. Nicolae Grigorescu, nr. 18,
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Bucharest, Romania

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DeviousTech is an independent game development studio focusing on the development of Virtual Reality games and experiences. We believe that VR gives us the opportunity to explore completely new avenues in terms of game design and user interaction. Our goal is to be among the first to jump in on this new medium and create innovative entertainment that anyone can enjoy.


Early history

DeviousTech was initially formed by George Cristian Tudor in May 2016, out of a desire to go all in on VR game development. After many years of working on AAA game development, the appearence of the first Oculus Rift Development Kit was the event that would trigger his departure from the big studios and a move towards the indie scene, which was more receptive to new technology and novel ideas. This was how development began on the prototype for the studios first game: Marble Land.

After that

Having a very basic playable prototype, the next step was to get in touch with VR and indie communities in order to gauge interest. The prototype was distributed online for free where it received great feedback from players. Among those players was Sebastian Vranceanu, a very talented and experienced 3D artist, who would later join the team and create the artwork for Marble Land. The prototype also caught the attention of Carbon Incubator, an incubator specifically tailored for indie studios, which decided to offer support for the development of the full game. As such, development for Marble Land began in November 2016 with a two-man team and would take roughly 12 months to bring the game to completion.



Marble Land Launch Trailer YouTube

Gameplay Teaser YouTube

Marble Land Alpha Teaser YouTube

Marble Land Mobile - Launch Trailer (OculusGo/GearVR/Daydream) YouTube



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Selected Articles

  • "Marble Land Invokes The Spirit Of 80s Arcade In VR"
    - Rebecca Hills-Duty, VRFocus
  • "I remember playing a prototype version of Marble Land when it was first released in mid-2016 on wearvr, the repository for all things virtual. Standing out among the cadre of low-effort wave shooters and overblown school projects was a gem of a demo that incorporated complex, physics-based puzzles."
    - Scott Hayden, Road to VR

Carbon Incubator
Our friends at Carbon Incubator supported us throughout the development of Marble Land. You can check out some of their other games at: http://carbon-incubator.com/.

Team & Repeating Collaborator

George Cristian Tudor
CEO, Programmer

Sebastian Vranceanu

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